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5 hard and fast rules for running our business

An article published in the November 2016 edition of AICC’s BoxScore magazine

As an industry leader in large-format printing for the corrugated and point-of-purchase display industries, we at Philipp Lithographing Co. have 5 hard and fast rules for running our business:

  • Rule #1: Provide Print Solutions not just Printed Sheets- In today’s industry, anyone can print ink on paper. What sets us apart from the competition is our collaboration and partnership with our customers to create and produce the highest-quality printed display or package on any one or more of our 4 sheet-fed presses. We take pride in the knowledge of our team members (which includes not only an understanding of our industry, but the corrugated industry as well), our flexibility to meet customer demands, and our value-added service.
  • Rule #2: Every Customer is The Most Important Customer- No matter how small or large, no matter how new or old the relationship, every customer of Philipp Litho is and must be treated as the most important customer, because to Philipp, each customer is invaluable and irreplaceable.
  • Rule #3: “Quality is Key and Time is of the Essence…Always”- At Philipp, quality is and must continue to be our focus. From the moment a job is quoted to the packaging of the skid ready for shipment, quality is at the forefront of each of our operations and is the priority of each of our employees. In addition, time is of the essence- always. We understand the quick-turn nature of the print industry, and we continue to find ways to be more efficient and expeditious in our processes so that each customer’s order is delivered on time, every-time. We continue to be a leader in large-format “insty print!”
  • Rule #4: Innovate, Update, and Upgrade- At Philipp, we are committed to keeping our state-of-the-art pressroom and prepress departments current through regular maintenance, upgrades and updates. We strive to achieve the highest-level certifications (e.g., we are a G7 Master Printer), and we are committed to investing in new technology, equipment and processes. This Fall we will expand our pressroom equipment by installing 2 new Colter & Peterson cutters (75″ and 110″) and new, cutting-edge LED UV technology on our KBA Rapida 205, 81″ press.
  • Rule #5: Honesty, Trust, Respect and Integrity- Last, but certainly not least, Honesty, Trust, Respect and Integrity are the 4 pillars upon which Philipp Litho and its team of professionals conduct all operations and transactions, and they are the core values upon which our team develops relationships with customers, coworkers, suppliers, and business partners.

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